Ecuries du Moulin
 Les écuries du moulin -   A.Nowakowski -


Yanna Denis and Antoine Nowakowski are passionate about horse riding since their childhood. Year after year, experience after experience, they moved towards dressage at the highest level. They combined their passions and knowledge in order to create a project : a private dressage stable able to offer quality education and services.

The approach of the stables is all about the well-being and the respect of horses. Indeed, the boxes are large, luminous and have all inside and outside openings. The horses have contact with each other and are placed outside between two and five hours  everyday of the year in indiividual fields. They have unlimited hay day and night.

The stable also have professional facilities that allow top level horses to work in the best conditions.

Yanna and Antoine propose and provide the perfect balance between a real horse life and sport at a high level.

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